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PE- # 301

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

PE- # 300

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

Archival Blog Book- UFOs and Abductions- author's self-discovery of his own abductions:


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

PE- # 299

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

This book is dedicated to-

Edith Gab le
Newt Gable
Floyd Johnson
Lucille Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Ana Katrina Rodriguez
Terri Anne Luce
Adam Rosenbaum
John Rand
Mark Heubner
Roy Betancourt
Caesar F. Chavez
Bill Ward
Dr. Nancy Shuler
Linda Acuff
Lloyd Mull
Betty Mull
Judy Meyers
Rosio Lavery
Jean Paul Sartre
Mike Best
Candee Best
Eugene Lewis
Helga Lewis
Don Bartle
Linda Bartle
Steve Barnett
Sonny Bozeman
Richard Handy
Wilhelm Reich
Alexander Lowen
Carl Jung
Ken Dychtwald
Andre Norton
Frank Herbert
Robert Heinlein
George Lucas
Steven Speilberg
Sally Bricknell
Earl Housely
Brigitte Bardot

PE- # 298

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

Psychometry- is when you hold an object and feel it, picking up energy
from it, which you can read:
1. Hold object in your hand or fingers
2. Move it in your hand or fingers
3. Feel the energy on it and around it
4. Scan the energy with your fingers
5. Feel what the energy is symbolizing
6. Feel what it is broadcasting about a real incident
7. Keep moving it in your fingers, till you feel the
reading is done

Psychometry Vision- is when you read an object a person is holding, or
holding up, for you to see:
1. Scan the object with your eyes
2. Scan the energy around the object
3. proceed like you would do in regular psychometry

Psychometry Palmistry- is when you read the lines in a person's hand:
1. Hold the person's hand in your own
2. Scan the lines in the hand
3. Look at the whole hand; look for symbolic
symbols, which will appear, in the hand
4. If you aren't seeing anything- press the palm of the
hand, and the whole inside of the hand
5. See what comes up, look for symbols, etc.
6. Read the fingers, too, and the back of the hand,
and the inner wrist
7. When done- read the background, of what is left, or
you might have missed
8. Lines in the hand change; look for new lines
9. Sometimes, an event will be so powerful, it will
create an all encompassing picture, on the hand,
and can go up the arm

Astrological Psychometry- is when a client has had a chart done, and she
or he, brings it to the reading, and ask you to look it over:
1. Scan the chart and its symbols with your eyes
2. Read the energy of the symbols, and the energy of
those that work in conjunction or against each
3. You can read a full aura reading, from these
4. The chart may transform, while you're reading it,
if this happens, go with the new configuration, of
the chart

Tarot Cards- are symbols, which can be placed on the table and read:
1. When you get your cards- keep them with you for
seven days, 24/7, put them under your pillow
at night
2. While doing this, decide if you want only you to
touch the cards or you will let clients do so
3. If you allow others to touch the cards, then, when
you're going to do a reading, have them shuffle the
cards, till they feel they've been shuffled enough
4. Have them cut them twice or three times, which ever
feels right for you, to the left
5. You pick them up, and lay out the cards, you can do
the Celtic layout, or others, but remember that
what ever way you lay the cards out, it will lay
out- being a symbol, for the shuffler
6. This is one of the mystic truths, no matter how you
lay out cards, buttons, stones, etc., they will
align up to be a symbol, of the one, who threw them
7. In the Celtic spread: you can have a card standing
for the person or not, if not, then place the first
card, where the card standing, for the client, would
8. Read them, as the spread is layed out, starting with
the first card, and so on
9. Remember the cards are read separately, but they
make a wholistic reading, for the client, then read them as a whole
10. If more is needed, from this reading, lay out the
next few cards, and continue the reading, or
shuffle them, and lay them out again, continue the

Tarot Meditation/Action- is where you utilize a Major Arcana card, for
either meditative or action purposes. You focus on the card, while
utilizing an affirmation or visual sequencing, where you see what you
want to accomplish; you can strengthen it, with Microcosmic
Blessings or Affirm Blessings

Another Tarot Reading Layout- is the Bodymind Layout:
1. First card laid out is on the heart
2. Second, lay across it
3. 3rd, upon the horizontal card
4. 4th, solar plexus, first card up, second card
horizontal, third card vertical
5. 5th, above the sexual organs
6. 6th, on the sexual organs, 3 cards like before
7. 7th, one for each foot
8. 8th, one card below the feet, in the middle
9. 9th, 3 cards center of chest
10. 10th, 3 cards at apex of throat
11. 11th, one card at mouth ( horizontal or vertical
) reader's choice, or both, but then add third
12. 12th, 3 cards for the nose
13. 13th, three cards for the third eye, and one for
each eye
14. 14th, four cards for the crown of the head
15. 15th, four cards placed above each other above
the head
16. 16th, one card, for the connection, between spirit
and bodymind
Read the cards in what order you feel they need to be read

Using the Tarot for short readings: deal out 2, 3, 4, or seven cards,
read these cards, for the answer, to the question asked, or in general.

Rock reading- is where you have 10 smooth rocks ( you do the same as
you do with the Tarot cards, with the rocks- 24/7, for seven days, and decide whether you
want others, to touch them or not:
1. Have the client shuffle the rocks in their hands,
thus rocks must be small
2. Have them throw the rocks, then you read the
placement of the rocks, and the way the energy
flows between them
3. Move your eyes over the rocks, psychometry here

Crystal readings are where you have purchased, found or been given a
crystal, or glass replica of one, and you have done the 24/7, for seven days, and made
the decision about whether to allow others to touch it or not:
1. When you get the crystal wash it four times a
day in cold water, for the seven days, this
clears it
2. Look into the crystal and allow yourself to see
what it says about the client, you do this by allowing your consciousness to fall into the crystal, you can do this with a clear bowl of water, you will hear a trumpet, before you fall, relax and let yourself fall into the crystal or water
3. This is psychometry and using the crystal for
a focus point

Crystal Meditation you rinse the crystal off, you hold it in your hand,
stare into the crystal or water, or glass replica, relax and
when you feel yourself falling into the crystal, allow yourself, to do
so, and explore the realms of the crystal, where it touches astral
planes, and etc.

Moon Personology is where you make a chart in 5 to 7 minutes from the
following categories:
1. Outside the Circle, but tied to it are the:
Galactic, Moon and Sun
2. Now, put into your doorways, list words, that you
feel will cover a broad base psychological,
physical, spiritual, universal self
3. You can put other doorway words outside of the
main ones, which you feel add to the whole
4. You have your list of months and date: starting
from the 8th of each month, take the client's
birthday, and get the sun and the moon, you use
your psychic intuition, to decide which month
best fits in the Galatic, etc., months can be used
more than once
5. Now put all of this into the aspects of the 12
spoke wagon wheel, with each space, being the
6. Put the Month in each aspect you feel represent
the client in that aspect
7. Follow this with the doorways, and the enhancing
8. The tenth aspect is the X-Factor aspect
9. Give your reading, utilizing psychometry visual

We have covered many aspects and joys of psychic expressions in this
book. Now, take what you will and practice your psychic work, start
a new journey, which will lead, to many new twists, turns and surprises!

May the Microcosmic Force be With You!

PE- # 297

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

The most important health technique, is one, we've already
talked about, but now, we'll look at, more closely.

Touch- Contact- means you, and any other being, force, energy, do
not come into your aura or bodymind, but simply touch-contact with
it/you, on the external boundary, which is your aura's.

This keeps you clear and processing, without needing, to defend yourself,
against those, who want to come deep into you, no matter, the reason.

First, no one can come into you ,or the spaces within you, you're
whole- in every way, so there's no room, for anyone else.

This doesn't stop the manipulation of you; they can telepathically push
your aura, thus you; they can cause you trouble, by attacking
the bodymind, which isn't protected, by the wholeness of your spirit,
but it's your responsibility, within the accord you have with the
bodymind, to protect it against outside forces, until it becomes a
whole spirit, within itself, and you are no longer in accord, but have
a deep friendship.

Developing an ongoing defense energy shield, around your bodymind, is a
prime operation. This is your responsibility, as the spirit, within the
accord. You must find the way, that works best for you; I use Super
Microcosmic Crystal White Light, encircling me and my aura, but this
can be affected and effected, by what's going on, within you.

You can create and visualize this protection shield, then your
unconscious, etc., can weaken it, by seeing it as a weakness, an
attack, or not a reflection, it wants of itself; it can sabotage your
energy protection shields. If this happens- keep visualizing it; no
matter how many times you must, but usually- two to three times a da,,y
is sufficent.

Experiment and see what works, for you.

PE- # 296

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

Your readings, sooner or later, are going to touch upon the darkside of
the Force. When it does, put it to the client, in the most palatable
way possible; don't edit it, but tell her/him, in a way, that creates a
growth opportunity, for your client.

The Darkside of the Force is power; personal and hierarchy; it's a
problem, in anyone's life. One, in which, they must choose their path.
You tell them what it means, to be with the Darkside of the Force, what
this is saying to them, and say to them, their choice, is going to choose
for them, the way, they're going to live their lives.

It's up to them.

PE- # 295

(c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

You're readings see many different things; you can view your readings
as creating a tapestry of knowledge, for your client.

Not only can it be an overall tapestry, which is gleaming with the 5
Rainbow colors, and other colors, as well, but it can have its own
inner shine, or you can have a tapestry, within a reading vision, which
is only holds true, for the vision, it's a apart of.

Your readings, create a tapestry, of new information and knowledge,
vision by vision, flowing togther, in touch contact, with space between
each vision, making the tapestry mobile and transforming, so when a
particular vision, leads to a transformation, of the whole tapestry- it
can do so, without any hesitiation or blocks.

Once the reading is gone, the tapestry is no longer the strongest
reflection of the client; it becomes one of many symbols, used by the
client, to reflect what' going on within them, or transforms to
Microcosmic Crystal White Light, and becomes a strength, of the client,
and her/his ability, to reflect, what's happening, with her/him- truly.

May the Microcosmic Force be With You!